*~*~*THE VET VISIT*~*~*.....msg

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*~*~*THE VET VISIT*~*~*.....msg
Fri, 04-18-2003 - 12:34pm
Since I have no work today, DH thought it would be a good idea to plan the annual vet visit for my girls. Before we were to leave DH and I had this conversation - Me: "We should put a halter on Valentine"...DH: "No, last time I took her to the vet I didn't put a halter on her and she was fine." The "last" time he took her to the vet she was "sick", mopey and lethargic... So off we go: get to the office parking lot (vets really should have indoor garages) and DH takes both their leashes so I can get out of the car. Valentine proceeds to pull off her collar and head for the back of the building; DH takes off after her and tackles her, while Samantha has also slipped her collar. I'm now out of the car so I yell for Samantha to "come", which she does and I grab her. DH puts Samantha's collar on and tells me to take Valentine into the office; of course, I can't because I'm afraid if I put her collar back on she will slip it again and take off. So I grab Samantha's leash and DH "carries" Valentine into the office.

The visit goes well...both are healthy, Valentine has lost some weight which is good, eyes, ears clear. Valentine is "thrilled" to see the vet...kissing the vet tech and the vet during her exam. Samantha is terrified, shaking and trying to dig her nails into the metal table. Get their rabies, heartworm blood test, etc.

Now we leave....I see a woman getting out of her car so I hold both girls in the vestibule while DH goes to open the car door...we intend to take them out one at a time. Meanwhile the woman decides to have her dog sniff around the bushes outside. DH comes to get Valentine and carry her to the car while I hold Samantha. DH puts Valentine in the car and I start to leave the office; the other dog takes an aggressive stance and Samantha lunges for it and almost drags me to the ground. I pull her back, apologize profusely (the other dog yipped but no harm was done otherwise) and try to get Samantha in the car while Valentine is trying to get out. We "finally" get them both in and head for home.

I'm covered in dog hair and mud...DH's jeans are wet and muddy at the knees...but the dogs are fine.



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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 3:34pm
Sounds like an exciting visit, Laura! Glad to hear they both got a clean bill of health.


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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 7:04pm
It is always an adventure when going to the vets...

Imagine me with my 6 BT's...Oh My..and it's starts the minute they see the leashes come out...they all start running around like nuts & Misty barking at them all...meanwhile Peanut is carrying on from his crate...and poor Banshee is the only one quiet & sitting on the couch...she sits there with the look on her face...the look is her thinking she is invisible & I won't see her & therefore she won't have to go...LOL

I've always scheduled all of them to go at once, & Hubby is there to assist..

Only Peanut goes alone...I made the mistake of taking him & Sweetpea one time & Peanut does not like any dogs bigger then he & when he's at the vet's office his is officially on patrol for them..So leaving the office that day, someone was walking in with a dog...

At least Peanut didn't attack him...no...he started with Sweetpea! Here I am on the corner & these 2 fools are barking & growling at each other...

Now this years vet appointment...oh my...

All 5 BT's...was like a circus in there...and what I realized is that once Misty was on the table being examined...the others sat nice & quiet..waiting for their turn...the second Misty was done & back on the floor with them all hell broke loose again...Hence

she's the trouble maker...she was biting, barking & tormenting each of the other dogs, all the while Botchie was chewing on any leash that came her way..

Needless to say after over $600 & getting them all back into the car & home both John & I were exhausted...

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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 8:20pm
OMG, thank goodness it only happens once a year!

Have a wonderful weekend!