Yay! I can post on here now

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Yay! I can post on here now
Sat, 08-24-2013 - 11:25pm

So alot has changed since my last post.. Sadly on Aug 22, 2013 Browny Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.. he started having problems breathing, so I made the difficult decission to call my vet and schedule the appointment.. I called at 9 am the only time they could get him in that didn't conflict with the phone company coming out (someone had to be here for them but they didn't show) was at 5:15pm so I took that appointment :( He didn't eat for like 2-3 days prior but he would eat turkey lunch meat, then on wednesday he stopped eatting his milkbones, i bought him a sausage biscuit Thursday morning and he turned it down so i definetly knew it was time, it was a painless procedure of course me being his mommy i was there with him the whole time :(


R.I.P. ^Browny^ 2001-2013

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Mon, 08-26-2013 - 12:32pm

Oh {{{Jammie}}} I'm so very sorry about ^Browney^.  At least now he is at peace and out of pain.

It's never easy to lose a furchild....and you did everything you could for him to make him comfortable.  It was just his time.  When my ^Samantha^ refused doggie cookies we knew it was her time too.

Many hugs to you and your family....