Kitten found...

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Kitten found...
Sat, 11-02-2013 - 7:35pm

Our neighbor put him/her up in their garage last night (they have two dogs so clearly not a keeper there but he's cop and wouldn't let a black kitten out when our neighborhood was doing trick or treat).

Our other neighbor found him/her in HIS garage today so he brought him/her to us since Humane Society is closed this weekend (he has a Westie --- again, not a keeper there as Emily Elizabeth is VERY territorial and was freaking out that the kitten was even in the garage!).

We have three cats --- but, said kitten (very friendly, still has blue eyes) now resides in our sunroom and has consumed (inhaled) a full can of cat food, drunk some water, used a sand box (clearly not a feral) and is now curled up asleep in a pile of throw pillows on the couch out there. Our cats have seen it --- through the sliding glass door that closes off the sunroom but no screaming, just posturing.

The neighbor has sent an email to the HOA telling all if they have lost a ktten, where it is. We can't keep him/her either so it may end up at the Humane Society (it's a no kill shelter) on Monday. Shame --- cute kitten and so loving but... our three would probably NOT approve and, given that we don't know the health of this young'n, we don't want to epose our three to possible nastiness...

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