So many deer this year

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So many deer this year
Wed, 11-06-2013 - 8:40am

There are so many deer this year in my area I am wondering if anyone can tell me how this happens. My neighbor and a man I work with both totaled their vehicles on deer this past week. I was driving past the highschool last evening and saw a group by the road. They didn't run or move at all when I slowed down to honk at them. Are they somehow too used to cars now to be scared? Where did they all come from?

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Wed, 11-06-2013 - 12:57pm

I'm not sure about the cycles of wildlife breeding...but on and off we see more than usual amounts of deer in our area.  For the last couple of months it was young/small deer.  And, yes, I believe that the overbuilding in their habitats make them less skittish around cars and humans.

I've learned that, especially in early morning or at dusk, I drive as slowly as possible in the backroads.  Now that the time has changed and it's dark when I head home, I drive with my brights on when I can, and am very mindful of animals.  Of course, unfortunately, sometimes you just can't avoid an animal....I routinely have squirrels running across the road in front of my car...but slowing down and staying alert really does help.