That Window Birdhouse...

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That Window Birdhouse...
Wed, 05-07-2014 - 2:49pm

Has anyone had any luck with that? (This, if you're wondering.) My niece has become obsessed with bird watching and has a little pair of binoculars and my mom bought the birdhouse but nothing has nested even with it being in a quiet, out of the way spot (where birds to congregate). Perhaps we've missed the season?

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Sat, 05-10-2014 - 1:01pm

We have never tried that birdhouse but we have several scattered around the yard and have had some luck. But from year to year, different houses get used and others don't. We get wrens, mostly although this year, a sparrow moved into a wren house adn a robin nested on TOP of another!  

The ones nearest doors in our home are rarely used --- perhaps our coming and going from those doors make them nervous.

Birds are very picky about bird houses. the holes have to be JUST right for each species... and they can be nervous if there are other birds nesting nearby.  Check out this article:

Proper hole sizes to artract different species can be seen here:

Also, newer houses seem to take some time in being used. I think maybe birds don't notice them when they are picking homes.

Maybe, you'll get lucky and the kind of bird that nests more than once in a season will find your little house and move in.

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Wed, 05-14-2014 - 3:22pm

I do believe that, unfortunately, for many species the season is over.  The nests have already been made and eggs are laid.

Carol is right....sometimes it takes a long time for birds to "find" birdhouses.  When I lived in NJ I had a birdhouse out for years that was never used.  I had another that I considered just "decorative" and after a couple of years I saw some sticks sticking out of the hole and realized that a bird had made a nest.

The one that was never used in NJ was immediately used when I hung it outside in Virginia.  It has had a nest for the past six years and this year, nothing.  A double decorative birdhouse I have in my yard was outside for a couple of years before the birds found it.  The past two years both sides have nests...only one nest was fertilized last year, and it looks as if the same thing is happening this year....but it's early yet.

Carol has given you some great articles but sometimes no matter what you do, the birds do their own thing....LOL....

Good luck!