Humming bird migration?

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Humming bird migration?
Thu, 08-15-2013 - 10:18am

I still haven't decided on a feeder but was browsing through the nature section of Walmart the other day and saw all the Hummingbird supplies on sale. One of my friends said it is because it almost time to take down the Hummingbird feeders so they will migrate. I have never in my life heard such a thing. I would have thought fall and winter would be the best time to put out feeders. Anyone?

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Sun, 08-18-2013 - 1:06pm

It all depends on where you live. According to, here are the times to put feeders out for hummingbirds...

"If you live in the southern parts of the country mid march is a good time to start feeding hummingbirds if you want to attract some of the early migration of hummingbirds.

Along the Gulf coast a few hummingbirds start showing up in late February, but there are not many sightings until the first part of March, so March is when you should put out hummingbird feed.

About the first part of April the hummingbird migration starts to reach into Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.

By the middle of April the hummingbird migration is into Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and by the end of April hummingbirds can be found as far north as the great lakes and in the New England states. 

By the first part of May the hummingbird migration is into northern Michigan and Canada"

As for taking down the feeders, that same site says:

" leave your Hummingbird feeder up for about 2 weeks after your Hummingbirds have left for the season.  This will provide hummingbird feed for any Humming birds that might have gotten a late start on the migration of hummingbirds, due to illness, injury or other reasons.

If you go 2 weeks without seeing a Hummingbird in September or October, when Hummingbird migration occurs across most of the United States, this might be when to stop feeding hummingbirds and take down your hummingbird feed/hummingbird feeder until next year."

Hope this helps clarify your situation.

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Mon, 08-19-2013 - 3:50pm

I used to have a hummingbird feeder in NJ but never saw any activity.  The reason I don't have one now is that I'm always afraid that I won't keep it clean enough....I worry that I could actually be hurting the birds if I don't give it enough attention.  Maybe next year I'll try NJ I used to make my own "feed" but never seemed to get results.