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Board update
Tue, 12-18-2012 - 8:25am

Hi, everyone.

I want to give you an update on the meeting I had with my bosses last Wednesday.

The first important thing that happened was that I and some others here in the office got to tell our new GM the whole history of our community -- historical traffic trends, the Mizinga > Lithium move and the lessons learned there, the relationship we had with Lithium & the reasons we left, and much more. It was good for him to hear, and to put our current situation into a richer context.

The second important thing that happened was that we had long discussions about all of the options for improving the community experience at iVillage. There were some fearless, soul-searching questions, like "Does anyone think we should close the boards?" (Everyone in the room answered NO) and "Does anyone think we should move -- again -- to another platform?" (After due diligence, the answer is NO).

So the plan is to fix what we have, and just. make. it. work.

Now, obviously, the holidays are next week and many people in the office are leaving in the next few days. One thing I'm working on this week, however, is to re-establish a list of priorities for the tech team, so that once the holidays are over we have a starting point.

This week, the tech team is still working on the database performance issues we've seen on the boards.



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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 9:46am

It doesn't sound like there is much new.  I don't think there would be an iVillage without the boards.  I'm really surprised that the GM hasn't been in the loop with the things going on with the boards. I figured they would be breaking for Christmas and things wouldn't get done.  I hope they can get the logging in issue fixed before they leave at least.   I guess we will be dealing with this mess awhile longer.


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Tue, 12-18-2012 - 10:57am

Sounds like most meetings with a lot of talk and no action.  We don't bring in money so we are at the bottom of the totem pole.  Without the message boards I would see no reason to even tune in.

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