A Bomb went off at the Boston Marathon

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A Bomb went off at the Boston Marathon
Mon, 04-15-2013 - 3:58pm

I was talking to dd on IM and she said that it just happened. So far 3 are dead and several have lost limbs.  They are saying terrorism, but who knows yet if it's that or some crazy people or person.  No sure what happened to the security there.

Keeping those affected by it in my prayers.  I hope they can catch whoever did it fast.  Maybe strap a bomb to them and just get rid of them for good.


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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 5:12pm

and just now there was one at JFK library!

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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 8:10pm

It is craziness here in Ma. I work about 2 mi from there but had gotten home early. The update is over 100 injured (at least 15 critical) and 2 deaths (including and 8yo). They have said the event at the JFK library is not part of this. It's an extremely scarey thing.

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Mon, 04-15-2013 - 11:34pm

I heard them talking in the news about keeping the Boston Marathon secure awhile back.  I wonder what happened to the security.

Those poor people.  I agree Leslie they should strap a bomb to the guy that did it and have it go off a little at a time.... limb after limb.

Keeping those poor people in my prayers.

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