Happy Friday!!!

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Happy Friday!!!
Fri, 05-10-2013 - 8:40am

Wow, i made it in here without alot of hassle, yippeee!!! How is everybody doin??  How are all the furkids??  

Jane, how's our beloved Misha doin??  You done with boxes yet??

Sindee, how are all your beautiful babies??  Still workin like crazy??

Chris, how's Teddy??  Your foot still so sore??  Been to the dr lately, what's he say??

Leslie, still got everyone in the house??  How about the cows, all done calving??  How many babies you got??  Are there any predators there that could get them??

Suzy, how are your babies n how's work goin??  

Everyone here is fine.  This little black poodle, Ascot is gonna take alot of work, she's so scared of everything.  She just quivers when i pick her up.  I'm gonna have to hold her constantly to get her to realize that humans are okay.  Once i have her, she just looks at me wonderin.  Poor thing, i feel bad for her.  She's so skinny, we keep givin her the extras.  The other girl, Esmee is doin well, she comes pretty well n does pretty well.  I do put her in a cage when it is feedin time as she really tries to eat everything in site!!!  She is awful!!  Ascot does that too, but i want her to get the extras, so....  The rest of the gang has adjusted nicely, no major hassles at all.  Cooper is still doin the heartworm treatment, doin well.  He is a true companion dog, he is up here right now, near me.  He likes to be with me constantly!!  If i am outside, he cries to get out so he can be with me.  He sleeps right next to me, almost on top of me!!  He can do stairs, so alot of times i will let him follow.  There are no toys left here...lol....he has all of them chewed, no squeakies at all, he chewed them all up n in the trash can they went!!  When he finds his forever home, i will go buy a couple more for bronx as he does like to play.  

I am doin well.  This saturday is the garage sale the park dist puts on n i have a stall for me n my dd to try to sell some stuff.  I thot i had more stuff, but i got it all priced the other day.  I have to make a few signs today n load the tables n i will be ready.  Not alot planned outside of that for the weekend.  Wayne is coming in for a week or so, his dd n grandson have dr appts, so he will be takin them to those.  He is due in today, but i will be workin then over to my girlfriends house for pizza n a movie.  So....i may not see him till tomorrow.  Seem like i have been workin alot of hours, but they dont' seem to add up to much.  Okay, better get moving, i hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  Love n hugs!!!

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Fri, 05-10-2013 - 10:00am

I haven't had any problems getting here lately, knock on wood.

I've been able to keep everyone one in lately.  Sammy wants out so bad and walks around hollering sometimes, but I can't risk him going out.  There are things that can mess with him outside.  Yes all of the calves are born.  We have 9. One cow I think lost her calf.  She disappeared for a couple of days and it was obvious she had a calf, but I never found it.  She is a good mom so I think it may have been born dead.  We do have predators that will get them.  DS and Austin saw a big cougar crossing the road from our bull pen about a month ago.  We also have bears and coyotes that could get a calf.  Most of the time they have easier prey and won't mess with calves because the moms are very protective.  When the cows calve we do keep them pretty close to home and not let them go way out back.  I have to find a new bull to use this year and time is running out.  I want to change blood lines so maybe I can keep a couple of heifers in the next couple years.

Poor little Ascot.  I hope that she will learn that all people aren't bad and can have a happy life eventually.  If anyone can help her you can.  Cooper sounds like such a sweet  boy.  That little stinker chewing up all of the squeaky toys.  I would certainly take him if I could.

I hope you can sell a lot of stuff at the sale tomorrow.  Wayne may just have to wait to see you for a few days since you have a life now.  Have fun tonight at your girls night out.

Have a great weekend.

Love 'n hugs back at ya.


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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 12:12am

Misha is the same.... eating & sleeping okay.

I'm sure your new dogs will need a lot of work but they don't know what getting "loved on" is yet but they will give in soon.  They are in the right place and have the right mom to help them along.

Good luck at your sale and I hope you sell everything.

Wayne will have to wait in line since you are so busy these days.  Have fun with your girlfriend and enjoy the pizza and the movie.


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Sat, 05-11-2013 - 12:15am

That's nice you have 9 calves this year.  I bet they are all cuties.  That's too bad one of your cows lost her calf.

I would crap my drawers if I saw a bear or a big cougar.  Holy Moley.


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