Hello there Cl-crazykat. Thx for the wel

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Hello there Cl-crazykat. Thx for the wel
Sat, 05-10-2003 - 6:28pm
Hi Kat, I still say we need to learn short-hand for putting in the discussion titles - no room!

I have loads of stories about me and my JimmyMac. He is not a cat. He thinks he is a little human.. LOL.

Have you lost a good many posters since the change? I think all boards have to an extent.

Well, my name is Terry and I live w/JimmyMac, my kitty and Missy, my all white cockatiel. Dh is in and out. I wish I had a website. I don't know how to make one. I started one a while back and it's still there waiting for me to come back and mess it up some more...lol. I started it just before the Ivillage change in format, and that's all I was concentrating on. I have made loads of good friends on these boards and hope to do the same here.

I've been burning up these keys all afternoon, so unfortunately I'd better go and take care of my little human. He has been hiding all day under an uphol chair b/c of the thunder and lightening storms we have been having all day. I hear one off in the distance, so I'd better get off here.

Thanks for your welcome. I appreciate it. Will be back with some good stories if anyone would like to hear some. Take care crazykat, sorry is I spelled your member name wrong. Storm is getting closer so bye for now. Hugs and head pats for the "family" Terry

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Sun, 05-11-2003 - 11:55am
Hi Terry! This board has been really slow for a long time. I think that not too many people know what this board is here for. Mainly we are here to help with any website questions you might have and we also host the Pick of the Litter contest. Of course we always welcome any and all posters/questions!

If you would like some help starting your website again, please let us know! We will be happy to help you! Is there one certain problem you have? I am compiling some tutorials for a member website for this board and would love any feedback you might have! I know sometimes starting with the sitebuilder is a bit overwhelming! If you have something you would like to see a tutorial on, please post it here and I will work on it!

Thanks again for coming back! I do look forward to some JimmyMac and Missy stories! Do they get along?

Hope your storm wasn't too severe! We have had rain for over 2 weeks now and it's really getting old!

Take care and have a great day!