Hi everyone, I just wanted to say....

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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say....
Fri, 01-30-2004 - 7:59pm
Please spay and neuter your cats and every stray you can find. I never really knew how important this was until I figured out a few things the other night.

I trap and s/n ferals. In my small town my dh and I were able to do well over 50 at one house. I was having a down moment thinking I have not done enough and started figuring how many kittens we prevented. Bear with my math, I'm pretty sure I got it right: Out of every litter I am figuring half are males and half are females. I am also figuring 2 litters a year (some cats have 3) and 4 kittens per litter (some have more).

So out of the 50 cats, 25 males, 25 females

(1st year)25f x 2(litters) x 4 (kittens in the litter) = 200, 100m, 100f

(2nd year)100f x 2 x 4 = 800, 400m 400f

(3rd year)400f x 2 x 4 = 3200

3200 kittens plus the others that are boggling my mind right now as to who to add and who not to. After only 3 years!!!! whew!!!!

Anyway, my point being, please make sure your friends, neighbours, co-workers, everyone gets their kitties spayed and neutered and try to do a few strays while you are at it.

Thank you


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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 10:42am

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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 11:12am

I completely agree with you.


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Sat, 01-31-2004 - 10:33pm
Thanks, Kat, Thanks, Leslie. Utah is trying to become a no-kill state by 2005, but they have so far to go. I don't think they'll make it if people won't spay or neuter. It is just so heartbreaking to go to a shelter and find out they have killed 56 adults in a week and a half because kittens have come in (yes, last year, in only one shelter. Our area has 3). I wish they would make it mandatory that if they take in kittens, they have to make sure that the mother is spayed or surrendered to be spayed. At least this past year the shelters have made it mandatory that any adoptees are immediately taken to be fixed and the adopters get them the next day. When I got one, only 2 years ago, they didn't require that. I was totally flabbergasted and asked them if they didn't think that was stupid because they would only get the kittens back in a few months from irresponsible people. Soooo happy they changed that!

It all takes so much time to sway people to do the right thing but some of these beautiful kitties don't have that luxury of time.