Jane...YOUR nephew bit me

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Jane...YOUR nephew bit me
Tue, 11-13-2012 - 11:48am

  Drew blood..and I almost knocked YOUR nephew on his little butt..

    I was having some cearl..and he came rubbing on my free hand...and then just bit my thumb.  I yelled ouch!!!! dam it!!!!   He ran and Rider came to check on me..   Guess I didn't drop everything fast enough to pet on YOUR nephew.

   I told him..it's going to be awful cold outside this winter...LOL

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 12:08pm

LOL,sounds like Elvis!!!!!

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 4:12pm
My nephew seems to be a little testy today. LMBO!! Wow and he even drew blood. Sending kisses to that little spoiled stinker. I love that graphic!!!

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 10:29pm

My goodness, you've had a day of it today!!!  First Jo out the door and now Buddy booll bitin you!!!  I hope tomorrow is better!!!

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Wed, 11-14-2012 - 9:06am

That little stinker.  I guess you better speed it up a little next time with the pets.

LOL at the graphic.  The kitty laying on the guys head is Sammy.  He doesn't want food though, just his morning pets.