^Mulligan Man^

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^Mulligan Man^
Fri, 01-25-2013 - 7:41am



^Mullie^ will always be my #1 son. My first LOVE..

If there is a heaven, it's certain our animals are to be there.
Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them.

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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 1:16pm

Happy 12th Wing Day to your precious ^Mulligan^.  I just loved looking at all your pictures of him.  Memories are forever.


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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 12:17pm

Sending you lotsa hugs today dear friend....((((((((((((((((Sindee)))))))))))))))))))))  These wingdays are so hard, i hope you can get thru the day......Love you!!!

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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 9:04am

Happy 12th Wing Day to your precious ^Mulligan^.  I just love the websites you made for him.  He will always hold that special place in your heart as your first love.  I guess he was the one who started your love for the sweet goldens. 



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Fri, 01-25-2013 - 8:41am

Oh Sindee,I know,Dusty was mine and got to be lucky and have him for 17 years