newbie kitty owner! (HELP!)

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newbie kitty owner! (HELP!)
Fri, 04-11-2003 - 1:09am
Hey Ya'll, I'm Kim, never had a reason to

come to this board, I belong to alot of

other boards here @ IV>> and BOY have I got some

???"S..First of all, I'n 38 and have NEVER had a

CAT, My Mother is going to DIE!But i kinda "rescued"her

from some folks i "sorta" knew that

weren't treating her right, and

well, welcome home Kitty! ,,

I've really almost HAD it with her, my FIRST

lesson was that Cats DONOT like the Shower ( I

have the marks on my legs to PROVE it!)But she

was DIRTY!So I learned that lesson on my own..(lol)

My BIGGEST issue is this, she will NOT poop

in her box.. she will PP in the litter and poop

right NEXT to the box.. so I put the box outside,

and now shes found a spot behind my 52 inch T.V,

(no easy task to move) and it makes me SO mad, when the

box is RIGHT there.. I tried picking up the Poop (GROSS)

and putting it IN the box, and she goes and covers it

up, but gets right out, so I KNOW she knows what to do,

she just WON"T. I've always been a DOG person, and this cat

just flips me out! I'm gettting fond of her, so I want to try

to figure it out, and if I can't I will give her to someone

or something if this is the way is going to be,.. I have been to

puppy kindergarten, and i know what "bitter apple"spray is, I'm

not gonna have her clawing at my furniture! (does it work for Cats?)

HELP!HELP! My husband LOVES Cats, and he says shes "just a baby

she'll learn" and I'm like"she better learn to swim if she climbs

thru my hair agian!(LOL)..

Sorry if I sound confused .. I AM!! and did i mention she wants

her own user name on my PC? just ALL over these KEYS!

Sign me..Abused by a kitty>>!(LOL))

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 8:45am
Welcome Kim! I have a few suggestions for you that might work. First off, the litter box. Have you taken the kitty to the vet? Sometimes when something is wrong, cats will go outside of the box. Also, if kitty is not sick, then something may be wrong with the box (like maybe she don't like the cat litter, or maybe she wants it cleaner, etc) I would for sure get her checked by the vet to rule out any infections, etc and then I would start the retraining. Possible put a small litter box at the area she is most likely to poop at. Or you could try a covered box or if it is already covered, try one that isn't. There is a board here at ivillage called Litter Box 101, you could try posting there for more suggestions. Here is the link:

Also, there are things that are called Soft Paws and they are rubber tips you can put on kitties nails, kinda like fake nails would be for us. You have to maintain them, but it can be worth it if kitty is scratching up your things. Do you have a scratching post available for kitty? If not, I would recommend one that has sisal rope on it, those are the best for scratching, although anything is better than furniture! LOL

I hope this helps you somewhat. I would love to see pics of your kitty! Please come back often and keep me posted on how things are going!

Have a great day!


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 10:53am
Hi Kim...I am new to this board, but saw your post and thought I'd give some advice. I am not a cat person, either, but last May we took in this skinny, scared litle alley cat. Luckily, she went right to the litter box. With the litter box problem, the kitty might not like the litter you are cat didn't like the size of her box at first, so I got a bigger one and now she is happy. She has started taking my socks out of the bathroom and putting them in there, that is confusing. Do you leave her doodie in there after she covers it up, or take it out right away? You might need to leave it just so she gets the might also try using a scent remover on the floor where she went, to get the old smell off. Would it be out of the question to put a litter box behind the tv? Some people say it is good to have a couple around the house, so the cat can choose...I tried this, and my cat still only goes in one maybe that is just "her" far as her nails, go ahead and trim them down. I did this with my cat because we had the same problem, and now she can't slaw the furniture. It is easy to do, you can use pet nail trimmers or people ones...just have hubby or someone to hold the kitty, and gently squeeze her paw in the middle to make her toenails come out. You can see the quick on cat toenails pretty easily, so just trim off the clear, curved part of the nail...not any of the pink. It might be helpful to wrap her up in a towel or something, too, nice and snug so she can't try to peel out with those back paws...Or if you haven't had her to the vet yet, go ahead for her checkup and have them trim her nails should only be a few dollars...also, having lots of other things that she "can" scratch is good...I can tell when my cat needs a new scratching board because the furniture pays...I hope this helps!

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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 2:50pm

Some cats like to pee in one box and poop in another. I would suggest getting one more box.


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Fri, 04-11-2003 - 3:04pm
thank you Guys! This is just all so NEW to me, I'm very concentious about taking my amimals(my CHILDREN) to the vets, and like I said PUPPY KINDERGATEN even! (honest?) I didn't know if I wanted to spend the money if I wasn't going to keep her(know that sounds mean..but...? what can i say?)Right now shes walking across my glass top table "stalking" the levolors and then without warning "DIVES" at them, which of course causes them to SWING and Bang..and "no!" hahaha, does NOT WORK.. so i go to GET her, my god, then it's ON! Now i'm in the levolors too! I guess she is Funny... but I'm begining to think that she may be deaf((lol))..

Anyway, I'm going to try a couple of those things, and see if she responds at all, before i go any farther with the vet thing, I can ASSURE you I WON"T be trying to trim her nails..

Couple of things..there is a litter box behind the T.v. i put newspaper down to save my carpet.. but now she no poop on the rug, but still not on the box! am I supposed to clean it like, daily? or how often? And secondly, should I give her a reward? or a kitty treat? when she goes in the box at all? I say GOOOODD GIRRLLL! and pet her, or is bathroom time real personal..?

Thanks ya'll again, Cat's ar VERY strange creatures indeed.. We had a "staredown" this A.M.(she won) I wonder why I never see her blink...?

Again, thanks for the advice , I can Use ALL of it.. Wish me Luck.. maybe i can get something done while she's sleeping..(is like having a BABY!) But Baby's don't move that FAST! Wish me Luck! going to see if I have some peice of carpet scrap left over from my(sigh)new rug, and se if I can't make a temp thing to see if she will play with that..

*~**~*~*~~* Kim~*~*~*~