Skye story

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Skye story
Sat, 01-12-2013 - 9:57am

Skye killed a BIG Gray rat the other night...;-)...
     JoJo got her stuffed rat out during the night... Normally Skye brings it to me..wagging her butt on how good she is.. Around 4:30 in the morning I heard Jo I know she had her rat.. but I fell back to sleep. when I got up to get in shower. I saw something all over the floor.

       Skye was resting next to me..after murdering that rat ALL over the floor in the hallway. LOL :-)

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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 11:35am

LOL, I'm glad she got that rat....both of them....LMAO!!!!  Good story Sindee!!!

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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 1:00pm

LMBO!  I'm guess you are going to have to go shopping for a new rat for JoJo after the murder in your house last night.

Daisy has her duck that she has since she was a puppy.  I can't let her have it much because Bear would just destroy it if he got a hold of it.


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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 1:05pm

Well Jo is going to have to slap Skye across the head today after killing her rat. LOL  One thing you know you are safe from rats while you are sleeping at night.

I guess you will have to go shopping now.

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Sat, 01-12-2013 - 6:24pm

For a minute I thought you were gong to ay a real at!!!