Sunday blog

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Sunday blog
Sun, 01-13-2013 - 12:33pm

  I woke to three cats..and no doggie.   Odd..  

  Cut toe nails..  made two of Skye's toe nails bleed..dam it.   I have done so good at this over the years. At the begining with ^Mulligan^ I was not good...  ^Mulligan^ poor boy had the guinea pig job for mom..

  We only got a dusting of snow.. so that was a flip. It is cccooolllddd... but not ND could. LOL

Didn't go any where.. Let DSH pout all he wants.

I'd like to make some potato soup..  maybe Tuesday.  tonight is Tenderloins,  Monday is fish, I found a new recipe for twice bakes I want to try..

I have a quote for the Day here you go

   If You Don't Know Me. Then Good Luck....I'm Pretty Tired of Explaining Myself.. 


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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 2:44pm

First of all congratulations on staying home.  Yay for you girl!!

My dh does the kitties claws as I sure couldn't.  It must be hard trying to keep a dog still.

It is 56 here again today but supposed to get cold again..... likely coming up from you.  LOL

I love potato soup.  With the cold weather it sure is a nice time for hot soup.

Love the quote and the cute monkey.  LOL




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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 6:28pm

I gave up doing the nails myself,it was to stressful,I do the cats but not the dogs

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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 7:35pm

Good for you, dh can pout all he wants!!!  I'm proud of you!!!

We got ice last nite, the temp dropped n i think it was only like 22 degrees all day today....goin down again tonite, supposed to be like this for a few days.  The ice on my truck only melted on the windshield...the rest is iced over!!

Love that quote!!! Very good!!!

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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 7:56pm

  Oh dogs have been easy other then ^Mulligan^...  they just lay next to me with their head in my lap.. Jo's the only one that's hard to get done

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Sun, 01-13-2013 - 8:22pm

I was going to trim dog nails today, but didn't get to it.  I had to feed cows today and of course fix the fence again.

It's chilly here too.  I'm having to break the ice in the water troughs for the horses.   We still have a little snow here and there.  It's trying to melt, but it is just too cold.  It's been in the mid 20's at night here.

LOL that's good that you are letting your Dh pout.

Love the quote.