~*~Thursday Thoughts~*~

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~*~Thursday Thoughts~*~
Thu, 11-29-2012 - 9:25am

Wow where did this week and month go?  Here are your thought topics for this last Thursday in November.



Stand Mixers

Clam Chowder

Snow boarding


Cedar trees

Music CD's

Have a good day everyone!


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 2:26pm

Champagne - love the taste but drink once in a blue moon

Ferns - look nice but I'm not good with indoor plants

Stand Mixers - don't have one

Clam Chowder -  not my favourite but good with fresh clams

Snow boarding - me snow boarding are you kidding?  I fall off my shoes. lol

Anteaters - funny looking critters

Cedar trees - nice trees but we would never have a cedar hedge again...too much work.

Music CD's - I have all my music on my ipod or listen to music on youtube

Have a good day everyone!

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 11:43am

Champagne  Too sour for me

Ferns  They are OK

Stand Mixers I have one that I have had for years.  I used to use it a lot, but not so much any more

Clam Chowder It's OK, but not my favorite

Snow boarding It looks like fun for young kids

Anteaters  Strange looking

Cedar trees Nice in the right setting

Music CD's I would rather download the songs I like than buy the whole CD.  Sometimes I listen to a couple that I like when driving.


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 10:14am

Champagne  Depends on the flavor.....

Ferns  Some are very pretty...

Stand Mixers  Have my ^moms^ old antique one and it still works!!

Clam Chowder  No thanks

Snow boarding  Never tried it, might be fun to just slide, but not all the fancy stuff those guys do!!!

Anteaters  ...........

Cedar trees  We have one in the back yard....tiny pinecones on it.

Music CD's  Used to listen to lotsa music, not so much now. 

I hope everyone has a great day!!!

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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 9:44am
Champagne+++Makes me sick Ferns+++I like them!! Stand Mixers+++Dont have one Clam Chowder+++Would rather have potato Snow boarding+++Not for this old lady Anteaters+++scary looking!! LOL Cedar trees+++Pretty Music CD's+++I dont listen to music much anymore,did when I was younger