Totally Iliterate On This ~ Need Help

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Totally Iliterate On This ~ Need Help
Sat, 07-19-2003 - 9:59am
I'll be needing to add clickable links to my homepage and have no clue on how to begin! Here's what's going on, LOL!

I'm using a template and type in some text about the message board (it's a homepage for a board) and want to include the link *right* underneath it. Am I able to make just certain words clickable? Or does it need to be that a whole edit area is clickable?

Oh boy, Kat...I think I'm going to be "hanging off your skirt tails" with this site building stuff, LOL!


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Sat, 07-19-2003 - 10:17am
Hi Marge! First of all I need to be able to see, if possible, what you would like it to be. If it's what I am thinking, I have some links on my home page that link back to my boards. You can check them out and let me know if that is what you mean.

It's about 1/3 of the way down, under "whats new".

Secondly, what kind of template are you using? Are you using an ivillage template, or are you using something like front page? If you want to post it here you can or email me at

I will help you all I can with this. Most links aren't too hard to adjust. Let me know!

And you can come here for all the help you need or even email me for that matter! I love making web pages and love being able to help you!

Hope to hear from you soon!