~Tuesday Tips~

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~Tuesday Tips~
Tue, 11-25-2003 - 12:03pm

Tuesday Tips

Phew!What a morning. Busy, busy! Two coworkers are gone, leaving only one person to do the job! Eek! So some fun holiday tips today!

  • When deeping frying turkeys, do so far from your house. Several people every year end up burning their homes down.

  • Avoid giving Cats and dogs small bones. They could be choking harzards!

  • Never use dented canned foods. They could contain botulism a rare and yet, very deadly food poisoning.

  • If you have to have your eggnog, try not to do anything that might be capture on video and used to blackmail you later. ;)

  • When decorating for Christmas. Keep in mind that tinsel is attractive to kitties and can be dangerous to them when eatten.

  • And remember, eatting is fun, but take it easy. You can always have leftovers for the next several days! :)

Next Week back to webpage tips!

Sarah & Koz-mos

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Tue, 11-25-2003 - 1:22pm

Great holiday tips Sarah!