Xmas lights

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Xmas lights
Sun, 12-16-2012 - 7:35pm

  This is the back of my neighbors house


      and these next two are across the street fro me...  not the best shots


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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 10:01pm

Took me awhile to answer this with all this friggin' around we have to do.
Wow they are all beautiful.  How nice for you to look out at them all every night.
You actually did really well to get the lights from that distance and at night.  Great camera and such a good operator.

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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 10:03am

Well it took me an hour to finally get logged in this morning.  Firefox worked again and couldn't get in with IE.  It wasn't working up in the other folder so I thought I'd try this one and it worked. 

The lights are just beautiful.  Some people really decorate for Christmas.   I love driving around town and seeing the Christmas lights.  There doesn't seem to be as many this year as there has been in the past.  You did good taking the pictures of the lights.


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Mon, 12-17-2012 - 10:59am

Nice pix Sindee!!!  I just love drivin around lookin at all the lights!!!