almost one year

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almost one year
Mon, 07-07-2014 - 6:56pm

Next week will be one year since I put my dog to sleep. I am still having an awful time. I still cry every single day and I think about her every single day. I still can't listen to the station I kept on for her during the day while at work. I sometimes dream of her at night which is nice but I really would have thought I would have been better at this point. Granted it is not that heavy crying feeling that I thought I would be trapped in with such heavy weight like I felt the first two or three weeks but I still cry and think of her. Happy memories of her make me cry too. I just am so sad I will never have her again ever. I miss her so much.

I have been to the animal shelters a few times. I just have this panic/anxiety feeling though while there or even at the thought of having another dog. I just can't imagine going through this again. Not to mention that it has been nice not to have the worry of having a dog like if the dog is sick. It is also nice to be able to sleep through the night. I guess I would like a dog but I just can't get past this at all. I just feel so sad and wish I would not cry every single day.

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Wed, 07-09-2014 - 5:16pm

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