Being too emotional? (Missing Chewie)

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Being too emotional? (Missing Chewie)
Sat, 09-15-2012 - 8:47pm

I had to say goodbye to my wonderful dog Chewie 11 weeks ago tomorrow and I'm wondering if I'm being too sensitive over this particular situation. Chewie's groomer emailed me 2 weeks ago and asked if Chewie was due for a visit. I apologized for not letting her know about Chewie's passing because it was just hard to say we wouldn't be needing her anymore for our Chewie,  but now I found myself checking everyday to see if she had sent any kind of response. I feel silly to be so hurt by not getting any feedback from her and maybe I am being over emotional  but I was just looking for a I"m sorry to hear about Chewie or just something about the many years he went to her. I guess it's been hard to see my  co workers , friends and family getting tired of me being sad and talking about Chewie,  but I'm having a hard time moving on. It has been really comforting coming to this site and reading about everyone's stories. It has made me feel closer to my Chewie and makes  the unbearable days not so unbearable.










 sharing your personal stories on this board. I feel a sense of calm and almost more of a closeness to my Chewie when I'm on this site. It really has been a place to go to when I need some comfort.

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Sat, 09-15-2012 - 11:04pm

Dear Lisa,

I am so sorry about your Chewie.  I would be doing the very same thing if I'd been going to a groomer for so long--a hairdresser would at the very least send condolences for a long standing customer, why shouldn't a groomer do the same for his/her client?  You are not over-emotional for expecting a word from them, not at all.   There are so many people out there who never allow themselves to bond with an animal--they can't understand why we mourn our babies the way we do.  They never allow animals to become family either, and for that, they are the big losers.  Chewie was a very important member of your family--just as a mother, brother, father, sister, grandparent.  Unfortunately, those that are impatient over our own losses  will be far more understanding when their human counterparts pass on--and expect from us everything we needed from them when we were hurting.  It's ok to feel sad--there is no time limit for grief, be it human or otherwise.  Don't let anyone or anything rush your process--it is YOUR process just as it comes from the love of your YOUR Chewie.  It's been 1 year and 5 months since I lost my Pogo and I still tear up when I think about him.  You know what?  I am proud of that!  That kind of love is so rare I never want to let it go.  Don't worry that you would have to, either.  It is precious and rare and wonderful--just like your sweet little baby....


Hang in there,


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Sun, 09-16-2012 - 1:06pm

{{{^Chewie's^ Mom}}}   No, no, no .... you are NOT being too emotional.  Gosh, of anyone on the planet, you have the right to feel what ever you want/need to feel.  (Angry, numb, traumatized, and very very emotional)  Sadly, that's how our shattered hearts slowly begin to except our ^babies^ have moved on to the Other Side.  {{{hugs}}}

Hmmmm.... I think your groomer's lack of an acknowledgement, shows you a lot about her character .... and complete lack of customer service.  Geez, I'd be checking my email constantly, just because I couldn't believe a loyal client would be treated with such disregard.  I'm so so sorry.  :smileysad:   I could almost understand a "non-furmom" being heartless,  since they usually just don't know what to say.  But someone working with our furbabies on a daily basis should have a little more compassion.

Oh ^Chewie's^ Mom, please be kind to your broken heart.  How I wish I had the words to ease your heartache, but sadly .... it takes as long as it takes.  It hasn't even been 3 months yet, so the reality is just now starting to hit.  {{{hugs}}}  Gosh, I couldn't even speak my ^Whisper's^ name out loud for over 6 months, without bursting into tears. 

Hang in there lisa.  We're all in this together.


With my heart,
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Fri, 09-21-2012 - 12:17pm
Dear Lisa  I completely understand. The idea that the pet groomer would not get back to you with (even) an acknowledgement reflects poor character and and just plain bad manners on their part.  I too understand how important it is to receive condolences and understanding from people (any people)  about the passing of one of our fur babies . So often callous people disregard the emotional attachment we have for our pets as insignificant or even silly. So sad for them never to experience the beauty of such a relationship. I really wish you strength as you deal with your grief over the loss of Chewie.  I can see that you love him deepl....I am sure such love touches him on the other plane of existence he now resides and where he waits for yu... I truly believe this.      Mark (and Bicky) 
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Wed, 09-26-2012 - 3:45pm

{{{Anubis's Mom}}}  Welcome to our little corner of the web.  I'm so glad your precious ^Anubis^ (with his glorious new ^wings^) guided you here, to be in the company of other grieving bridgeparents who truly understand your shattered heart.

Oh Gina, what a sweet soul you are, to comfort ^Chewie's^ Mom.  Even while your own heart has been shattered into a million pieces, you reach out your arms and shoulders to another broken soul.  {{{hugs}}}

I hope you'll feel welcome here, where we all "blather" together.  :smileyhappy:  After all, our beloveds are together at the Bridge, so we can join each other here.  Welcome.

With my heart,