(((Mary Anne))) ((^Holly's^ mom)) (m)

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(((Mary Anne))) ((^Holly's^ mom)) (m)
Fri, 03-28-2003 - 10:03am
Thank you so much for your wonderful words! Again, you are there for me! Your posts always lift my spirits and make me feel so much better! ;o)

What a wonderful bridge kiss you recieved from ^Holly^! Finding her hair in her brush from last spring must have put such a smile on your face and in your heart! Maybe you can find a nice locket to save some of it in?!

^Holly^ must be letting you know that it's ok to get another furbaby! I'm excited for you! Have you decided when you may go ahead and get one? I definitely want another maltese or little dog. My dh's best friend fell in love with ^Sav^ when he first met her, so much so that he went out and bought 2 champion Maltese's right after he first met ^Sav^! This was about 2 yrs ago, then he bought another champion to 'show'. He's gone Maltese crazy! Well he had always said that one day he was going to breed little Alley, and after I lost ^Sav^ he said he was going to go ahead and get ready to breed her. Well, I normally am a 'rescue dog' only gal, but if he's going to be breeding Alley anyway, I am not going to turn down a little Maltese furbaby girl! ;o) By the time he breeds her I am sure I will be ready for a new furbaby. Hopefully by that time we will have sold our house and be transplanted back home to Los Angeles, or vacinity.

The house selling is trudging along, we still have to finish more of the unfinished projects before we can list it. It's taking longer than I was hoping. But it will get there, I just have to keep telling myself "patience grasshopper"! My little man, Foster is great, he's such a smart little 3 yr old, sometimes I forget he's only 3. Our other furbabies seem to be doing better. I guess they are getting use to that fact that ^Sav^ is not coming back home, as well as we all are. My brothers puppy Balou, AKA destructo pup went back home to LA, so it's been nice not having to deal with training him while I'm trying to get this house finished. That's about it.

Thank you so much for asking, I feel so connected to you and ^Holly^, I really feel that ^Holly^ and ^Sav^ must be friends up at the bridge, I know that sounds crazy but ever since I had that vision of ^Holly^ I just have felt so connected to her and you! ;o)

Big hugs back at you sweetie!!