Pet loss

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Pet loss
Mon, 05-13-2013 - 7:41am

Bo was a beloved member of our family and we miss her terribly every day. Bo came into our lives when she was 5 weeks of age and had to say good bye at 17 years of age.We felt the loss for months and still do and always will!Bo was a beautiful tri color border collie , full of love and life .Bo is patiently waiting at Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with us once again!

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Wed, 05-15-2013 - 12:24pm

{{{^Bo's^ Mom}}}  Welcome to our little corner of the web.  I'm so glad your sweet angel guided you here to be in the company of other grieving bridgeparents who truly understand your shattered heart.  {{{gentle hugs}}} Oh Angeleyes623, please accept my heartfelt sympathy for the passing of your precious ^Bo^.  (with her beautiful new angel ^wings^)  Your sweet furangel is obviously a very special soul to have touched your and your family's hearts so deeply.

Gosh, I truly understand your needing to grieve for months.  {{{hugs}}}  To be completely honest, when I lost my ^Whisper^, getting through the first year without him was unbearable.  I (sadly) assumed that I'd be all "healed" (what ever that is) by then, but no ....... it takes as long as it takes.  :(

I hope you'll be able to stay with us, and let us know how you are doing.  This journey is such a roller coaster ... some days' you think you'll survive, then others......  :(   So please know that we'll always be here for you, just as all our furangels are now with ^Bo^ at the Rainbow Bridge.

With my heart,
Lin, Whisper's Mom


With my heart,