Sorry, I've been away....darn server!

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Sorry, I've been away....darn server!
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 3:33pm
I have not had access to the net for so what seems like eons!, that I have gone thru major withdrawal!! We have ADSL and the server had problems. I finally started to complain and on Monday night I find out that I can go back on dial up. So I set everything up yesterday to get dial up. Course it's never that easy and I spent a lifetime on the phone with the techy's trying to get it to work. I guess I got spoiled! ADSL is so fast! Course, the typical ADSL back right after I got dial up! So back to disconnecting and reconnecting and talking to the techy's again!!

I got everything working late last night and tryed to get into this board first thing this morning? Yikes, error message. Finally, I'm able to get in and look at the changes!!! Wow! It's going to take some help from my sweet boy, ^Beau^ to help me get around the new and improved board.

My sympathies to all the new furmom/dad(s) since I went missing. (((Hugs to your ^angels^) I tried the archives....but they seem to be missing the most recent stuff?

I want an avitar, too.....

I have a wonderful picture of ^Beau^ that would fit just perfectly. LOL

Missed you all,


^Beau's^ mom, Carrie

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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 4:37pm
{{{^Beau's^ Mom}}} Welcome to my World! :) Yipes Carrie, we have been going through the same issues! Sheesh.... after 5 years with MSN, I'd finally had it. Just this last weekend, I changed over to Earthlink. Now, I get to wait about 2 weeks for my DSL equipment to arrive..... then - whooo hooooo, I'll be flying!

Welcome back to the board! Grab a glass of wine, ask ^Beau^ to put on his party hats, and try to help us all figure this out! :)

Lin (Whisper's - still learning too - Mom)

With my heart,
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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 5:54pm
Welcome back! I really hate server problems and have had to change a couple of times myself.

Sadly we normal people can not use our own photos like the Cl's can. They say that feature is only for cl's. I have one of Jolly and I under my cl name but am unable to use it under this name. Darn I think they should make it available to everyone!


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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 1:50am
Hi ^Beau's^ Mom! Sounds like you and Lin are certainly in the same maze of technical glitches.....I have a feeling that ^Beau^ and ^Whisp^ are wearing their work hats and giggling up a storm......but I may be joining the two of you very soon. Yep, tired of this sloooow dial up stuff and plan on hooking up to DSL or cable. Hopefully, the technical "powers that be" will have sympathy on me..........;-)

'Mo's Mom Carol

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Thu, 03-27-2003 - 4:30am
Good to see you again (((Carrie))).....I can vouch for cable hookup for the internet - a world of difference!!! Now if I can figure out how to navigate the new boards I will be all set!!!