Still miss her...don't want to make a decision too quickly (pic of Gabby)

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Still miss her...don't want to make a decision too quickly (pic of Gabby)
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 7:04pm

I am debating whether I get another guinea pig or maybe a small dog. I don't know, all I know is I miss sweet little Gabby every day, i look at the now empty area where her cage was, I kept some of her/my favorite things of hers, I threw out her cage and don't think it is by the garbage anymore, recycle day was I think her cage went was really bothering me to see it every time I threw the trash out. 

I am attaching a pic of my sweetie, she was so cute...

I went and checked out other guinea pigs and saw some cute ones, although I don't think it is the right time just yet. I just emailed a pic of two cute yorkies that someone is trying to find someone to adopt on Craigs List but I still not thinking it is the right time, the girl wants money for them, I could only handle one dog...hoping my family doesn't do something rash and get me one, I told my Mom the girl wants too much for them and I don't want her to spend that money on who knows, I guess whatever is meant to be will happen...I know I am probably rambling so I am going to close here, thanks for reading this. 

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O my gosh how cute was gabby just adorable...How long did you have her...I think your right about maybe being to soon just yet but I find looking thru the cutes for sale helps. I'm not ready either just yet but remember there are others that need us and gabby would be an angel to them..A big hug to you and thanks for sharing a pic...amy
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{{{^Gabby's^ Mom}}}  Oh Faith ... your precious furangel is so, so beautiful.  It's no wonder your dear heart is aching.  {{{heart hugs}}}

It's such a personal decision on when to try and love again.  Did you actually visit these little yorkies?  What I've learned, is that when you're having 'heart tickles' (thoughts of loving again) I would go to a shelter or rescue first.  (to test myself)  If I walked in and saw all these precious furkids, and had love in my heart .... then I was ready.  But, if I could only think of my ^angel^ .... well, then it wasn't the right time.... yet.

Somehow, someway, I have the feeling your precious ^Gabby^ is testing your heart, trying to see if you're ready to love again.  After all, that's what she wants ... when her dear Mom's heart is ready.  {{{hugs}}}

With my heart,