tragic accident. will love you forever my little hippo. x

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tragic accident. will love you forever my little hippo. x
Sun, 04-29-2012 - 1:49am

Sadly, 2 days ago I lost my newest addition to my 'fur' family. "Fendi" was her name. The most gorgeous french bulldog puppy youve ever met. She just made everyone so happy. 

On Friday morning, she travelled to work with me. As i work as a veterinary nurse, our animals are allowed at work, and with Fendi being only almost 10 weeks old, she often came with me so I could keep an eye on her. 

Little did I know what such a horrific day Friday would turn out to be. 

Several hours after working on friday morning, I went to have a quick check on her (as I do) and a cuddle between the patients I was dealing with. Something wasnt right. She was panting. Spluttering. And I could see the stress in her eyes. 

I rushed her out of the dog ward, into our treatment area, saying "Somethings wrong with Fendi!!"

Two of the veterinarians rushed to her, feeling her all over, checking temp etc, to find she had something lodged in her throat. Unsure what, we managed to dislodge the object, but the damage had been done. 

She was having severe trouble breathing, still spluttering. Moments later, I noticed she seemed to perk up, as we'd but her in our oxygen tank to help her breathe, I thought she was going to pull through. 

We did emergency xrays, only to fine an enormous amount of fluid had built up in her tiny little lungs. She had aspirated fluid whilst choking. 

As I placed back in the oxygen tank, i noticed her sitting up. Looking around. Looking for me? Unsure. But i thought she was a fighter.. and that she was. 

Several moments later, she began coughing blood. Little bits were spitting out from her mouth. I immediately grabbed her from the O2 tank and rushed her into our surgery. She had become unconscious, and due to the huge amount of stress her tiny body was under from aspiration, she was leaning towards cardian arrest. 

We quickly placed an endotracheal tube in her throat to hopefully help push oxygen into her lungs, but all we found was blood back-flowing up the tube. Her little eyes were open, and I was standing there cuddling her, begging her not to leave me. 

Sadly, moments later, she went into cardiac arrest. She had given up. 

We tried all our emergency procedures, adrenalin, and chest compressions, but sadly we failed to bring her back. 


I have never been so upset in all my life. I feel like its completely my fault. We are still unsure what she choked on. Aand i think to myself every minute "If Only....." andf its killing me. 

For the last two mornings ive woken up in tears. She was such a joy. Even though I had her for such a short time (from when she was 6 weeks old) she bought so much happiness to my life. Im completely devastated. 


I feel like I've failed her. And I loved her dearly. She was taken from me way to young. As I sit here with tears running down my face, I would do or give anything to bring her back. x