We adopted again

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We adopted again
Wed, 05-12-2010 - 11:00pm

It has been almost 4 months now since our dog Toby passed away peacefully in her sleep,we adopted this beautiful cat on March 24th,the time we spent at the humane society looking at dogs & cats,there was just something about this cat.

We spent time with her at the humane society & that is when the bonding started,they keep the cats together in a large room,this is where i noticed how Boots gets along with other cats,she is very good natured loving is very well behaved.

There was this 1 day when we were visiting her 2 male cats were fighting with each other then came Boots stepped right in the middle of it & broke it up,the more time i spent with her the more i grew to love this cat & we decided that she is the 1.

We spoke with the staff at the humane society told them that we want to adopt her,they told us that Boots had 4 babies that someone found her in a wood shed & brought her & her babies into the humane society.

2 of the babies have died 1 has been adopted,the other we adopted also considering that she has a disability we decided that she should be with her mother,the kitten has only 1 eye,the staff at the humane society had asked us if we were ok with a kitten that only has 1 eye.

I told them that we were & that the kitten needs to be with her mom first time we ever had a kitten,both mother & kitten are doing fine,the kitten is growing quite fast & seems to be managing fine with just 1 eye.

Seeing the 2 of them together watching them play eat together & seeing that the love they both share i am happy that we adopted them together,& i know that we did the right thing

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Mon, 05-17-2010 - 2:44pm

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