Copper's 1st wing day is soon

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Copper's 1st wing day is soon
Mon, 11-13-2006 - 6:17pm
Well here it is eleven months and on December 7,my sweet beagle Copper will finally get his real angel wings!!!!Way to go Copper.You have been such a good boy waiting so patiently to finally get your wings,mama is just so proud of you!!!!
I always talk to you all of the time,like you never left mom's side.I know you haven't been around me very much,and thats ok because you have been really busy keeping an out for mom.I love you as much as i did when i brought you home from the shelter.My love for you will always stay strong.Just please keep an eye out for Buttercup the guinea pig who came home to be with you last night.He is a really good boy and never hurt anyone.So,my sweet beagle boy....enjoy your beautiful new wings.As i am sure they are absolutely beautiful.But remember....always stay a good boy,and remember how much i miss and love you.I wish i could hug you Copper.But i close my eyes,and i do.
Love mom.
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Wed, 11-15-2006 - 6:12pm

{{{^Copper's^ Mommy}}}

With my heart,