How to talk to 4-year old DD?

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How to talk to 4-year old DD?
Wed, 10-04-2006 - 12:42am
I hope it's okay to post here, when we haven't actually lost a pet yet, but I'm hoping someone might have some advice?

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Wed, 10-04-2006 - 11:10am
Hi, We also have fish and know how much they can become a part of the family experience. I know that the first loss can be very hard on children. I don't know your religious background, but you do mention prayers. If you do have a particular faith, maybe you can talk with her about how God has given each type of animal a certain kind of life. Do you plan to get her another fish? Maybe before it goes you can talk about how the leaves are changing (if they do in your area) and how each living thing has its own cycle. You know your child and what she can understand. I guess I am really just trying to say that we are here for you, even though I am not making much sense today. Hugs.
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Wed, 10-04-2006 - 12:23pm
It is hard to lose any type of pet,let her grieve and then tell her you will give another that has no home a loving home

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Wed, 10-04-2006 - 8:16pm

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Sat, 10-07-2006 - 5:02pm

We had to have our 4 1/2 year old cat, Korben, put down on 9/11 due to renal failure.

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Sun, 10-08-2006 - 3:11pm

When my friends husband died their little girl was 4yrs old and their son 6yrs old
We were truthful with Amy, we explaned that Daddy was very poorly and that the Dr's couldnt make him better. We said that he had gone to Heaven and that we wouldnt see him again. We likened it to a flower as she understood that flowers lived and then they died.

Children take death in their stride, they cope with it much better than adults do.
However, 4yr old old wont understand that death means forever though and often at that age a child will ask "when is - coming back?"

Will be thinking of you.