Is it wrong to want another?

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Is it wrong to want another?
Wed, 11-15-2006 - 7:39pm

It has been just over 1 month since I lost my cat Gizmo and everday is still very hard. I had a scrapbook made up of all her pictures and I treasure it dearly. I cry everyday still

I need to be able to smile again. I am so depressed and I miss her so much. I can't forgive myself for letting her outside. I have even looked into seeing a psychic to find out if Gizmo is at peace and forgives me for letting her outside and therefore leading her to get hit by that car.

Would it be wrong to get another cat. I need something to make me happy again.


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Wed, 11-15-2006 - 7:59pm
Dear Natalie, I completely understand you, I lost ^Gigi^ 2 months ago yesterday, and even though it's the hardest thing I've had to experience, I wanted another doggie after about a week, I haven't adopted one yet but I just feel that I have so much love it would be a shame not to give all this love and dedication to another deserving homeless dog. In my case we have another dog and we have to find a good match. But I think if you feel like you could open your heart again, then you should, no one will ever take ^Gizmo's^ place but she would want to see you happy again.
Let us know what you decided.


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Sat, 11-18-2006 - 10:25am

(((^Gizmo's^ Mom)))

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Sat, 11-18-2006 - 1:46pm
I think it is a honor to your pet to give a home to another

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Fri, 11-24-2006 - 8:54am
Dear Natalie,
I also lost my cat,just this week, he was also called Gismo.Gismo was a house cat because he had leuchemia and it is very infectious with other cats who haven't been injected against it.However on Sunday morning he must have got out of the house and I didn't even know---we received a phone call to tell us he had been hit by a car and killed.A very kind gentleman saw him on the side of the road and took the little piece of paper out of his collar and called us.My husband and I were devastated.We burried him with tears blinding us.We are both still very tearful and can't shake the hurt.We've got photos of him everywhere in the house.
We found Gismo,barely alive, when he was about 4 weeks old(nearly 5 years ago now)The vet said that his mother had probably abandoned him because he had a respiratory infection.He was treated and got much better but never got rid of his breathing problem.When the vet did tests she told us he had leuchemia.He has had his ups and downs with his illness but he was strong and very lively,very very loving and such a character.He always wanted to lie with you,he would play fetch like a dog.We loved him very,very much and it's not fair he's gone this way--I want him back.
Anyway,Natalie,to answer your question--No it's not wrong to want another,because I'm the same--although I know we will never get a cat remotely the same as Gis,and I'm sure you feel the same way about your cat.