Its been a long time

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Its been a long time
Fri, 09-29-2006 - 2:39pm

Just thought i'd pop by and say HI.
I will be honest, i dont often visit anymore as i always end up in tears reading the messages (as i have done tonight)and i dont seem to be good with words of comfort either (everybody elses replys always read better than mine).

Thought i would bring you up to date with my furbabies.
There has been 3 new additions since the last time i said hello LOL
Lulu, Lala and Freddy !!
Lulu is a tortie female that came into the cattery where i work needing a home, she was a tiny baby then but is a year old now.

Lala, again came from work,(i just cant say no to a sad story) she is Black and White and 5mths old now.

And then theres Freddy - i treated myself to him! He is a Red point Tonkinese, 14wks old, and i am totally head of heals in love with him lol

Life is really good at the moment, all my Furkids are well and i havent had the heartbreak of loosing one for 18mths !!
As you will remember i lost ^star^ ^marmite^ ^pooh^ and ^storm^ in just over 2yrs - I miss them all terribly and still have days when i shed a tear for them but time does heal and although you never get over it you do learn to live with it (if that makes sense)
Mind you i wouldnt have got through those times without the love and suport from you guys on here - You truly are Angels xx

Love and {{hugs}} to all


bear, willow, issey, rocky, missy, fleur, lilly, lulu, lala and freddy's Mummy
(and yes i do get lilly, lulu and lala mixed up lol)

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Sat, 09-30-2006 - 8:45am
Nice to hear from you,it is hard to come here but I understand and try to glad you have given more new homes..bless you