Treasuring Gretchen.

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Treasuring Gretchen.
Wed, 04-30-2008 - 10:32am
Shortly after my new pup Katie came to live with us, I put a photo of Gretchen on our fridge door. It was a big step for me, because it finally was a comfort more than painful to have a reminder of her around. I was looking at it yesterday, then checked something on the family calendar, and commented that it was almost the end of April. Suddenly, I realized that it had been just over two years that Gretchen had been gone. I'm not one to commemorate an unhappy anniversary, so I'm not upset for missing the exact day, but it just struck me how long she's been gone. I have so much to thank her for. She enriched my life so much, and I think she'd be happy with how her heir to the throne is doing. I still miss her, though, and I always will. I hope my girl is having fun at the bridge, and I send her my regards.
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Thu, 05-01-2008 - 8:38am
Sending my hugs to you,animal lovers are the best people..

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Fri, 05-02-2008 - 10:52am
Gretchen is having fun with all the other bridge kids, and I am sure that she is pleased with her new heir, and happy that her mommy can now think of her with fond memories....
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Sun, 05-04-2008 - 12:25pm
{{{^Gretchen's^ Mom}}}
With my heart,