Update- Too soon

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Update- Too soon
Fri, 12-01-2006 - 3:49pm
Hi everyone,
DH and I found out that it is too soon for another cat, we had a second cat in our house less than 24 hours. I went to pick up Smokey from his foster owner at Pet Smart last night with my mother and I was having second thoughts even while I was filling out the paperwork. A couple of volunteers were talking to him and telling him that he was going to a new home and instead of being happy, I was quiet.
So I brought him home and it was just a disaster. We found out that Smokey was only 6 months old (we wanted a cat), so he wanted to play and interact with our other cat Cleo and of course she wasn't going to have any of that. Cleo would try to hide and would hiss at the kitten and the kitten did alot of loud crying, probably because here's a house full of people and one cat who would barely interact with him. If I got a second, I'd want an older, male cat who would become a lap cat and Smokey still has alot of kitten time left.
Smokey was all grey and my cat that just passed was grey and white so it upset me when a flash of grey went by, it would make me feel like Mickey was still around. Having a second cat for such a very little time just made me feel incredibly sad, I broke down several times because I miss Mickey so much, the pain just felt so overwhelming at times.
DH contacted the volunteer (she was kind of pushy, I didn't want to deal with her) and he took the kitten back to her at around noon, so we had him like 15 hours total.
I feel rotten for taking in someone who needed a home and then changing my mind not even 24 hours later but the relief I felt knowing that Cleo would be happy, because I can't bear to lose her also, the relief overshadows the lousy feeling. I just felt like DH, myself and Cleo weren't the right fit for Smokey at this time. I was afraid that a week from now I still wouldn't warm up to him, and it is true that you compare every animal to the one that just passed.
Just wanted to share.....
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Sat, 12-02-2006 - 8:59am
I did the very same thing after I lsot mine but then a couple weeks later I tried again and it was so much better

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Sun, 12-03-2006 - 4:56pm

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