(((^Valentine^))) is home...

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(((^Valentine^))) is home...
Wed, 11-15-2006 - 9:32pm

We picked up (((^Valentine^)))'s ashes today. They left a message last night and we picked them up as soon as they opened this morning. They returned her in a lovely wood box and when I removed it from the bag I saw that there was another little bag inside. It contained a flat, round piece of clay with her tiny paw print on it. I cried so much! She was so small and just seeing her precious little paw print was overwhelming - touching but so very painful at the same time. They also had stamped in the clay her name and some tiny hearts. It was really beautiful and i am so grateful but I miss being able to hold her real little paw in my hand. I am very relieved to have her home though, and so soon. She is back where she belongs, with us.

We are still crying on and off a lot. I can't believe that she is gone and miss her so very much, it is immeasurable.

We <3 you, (((^Valenteenie^)))

(((^Valentine's^))) Mom

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Thu, 11-16-2006 - 8:02am
I am so sorry but I am glad she is home with you...

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Sat, 11-18-2006 - 10:09am

(((^Valentine's^ Mom and Dad)))

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Sun, 11-19-2006 - 2:30pm


With my heart,