Who is my Trixie playing with?

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Who is my Trixie playing with?
Tue, 09-12-2006 - 1:39pm

I see so many new comers to this board, and then I see so many of you who were here for me when we lost Figgy.

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Tue, 09-12-2006 - 3:56pm
I have been on this board for a couple yrs,there is a link on my siggy to my site and tells all about mine...yours are so sweet..
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Sun, 09-17-2006 - 9:38pm

Hi Jennifer, after reading your post about Trixie I know her better, what a sweetheart, I only hope she and Delilah have met in doggie heaven and have become good friends.

My Delilah, what can I say. We got her at six months old from a pom breeder, we went to get a puppy but when she came prancing out to see who we were, well, she would have none of us. Her brother Samson came up to us and was playful, but Delilah, well she was aloof to say the least.

Delilah was a college graduation present for my daughter Lia, that is all she wanted she hounded me day and night, she had everything else. We had put down our mixed breed dog Purina in 1986, she could no longer stand or walk, and I still think of her and the hurt of doing that was immense, but my daughter wanted a dog, so my husband and I finally relented and said ok but the dog had to be small and one she could take with her when she went places.

From the day we took her home, my daughter in all the ten years that we had Delilah had never ever said one mean thing to her, no reprimand no yelling or screaming nothing but love love and more love. Delilah was the sweetest little pom on the face of the earth.

When my daughter found employment after college, my husband and I became Delilah's caretakers during the day, since my daughter lived at home. Ironically, she followed me everywhere in the house, came running when I called, but still nuzzled with my daughter and kissed her and played with her in her room and on top of her bed. I cannot tell you how much love this little dog gave to us, such peace and contentment.

We absolutely loved it when she would sit in front of you and you were talking to her and she was listening, she would tilt her head to one side as if to say "what are you talking about mama". She had the most beautiful face, big brown eyes, just a complete joy.

We took her on walks and she played in the yard and she loved the snow. She would race on the deck when the snow had accumulated and she hopped all around putting her nose in the snow, she was a sight.

If anyone was down or sad for any reason, Delilah knew it. She was the first one to come up to whoever it was and nuzzle and give kisses and just stay close by as if to say it will be all right, don't worry, I am here.

She had many toys, lots of sweaters and coats and different collars and leads, she had a little stuffed cat, we called the cat "boo boo kitty", it was her favorite. Well we searched the house all over when we put Delilah to rest trying to find boo boo kitty to put in with her, and just a few days ago, on Delilah's nine month anniversary I was cleaning the carpets in the living room and put my hand under the sofa because there was a plastic bag under the sofa and behind the bag, was boo boo kitty. I got hysterical.
I have moved that sofa at least five or six times and never saw a thing under it, but it was hooked onto a spring under the sofa and so when you moved the sofa the suffed toy moved also. Now that I have found it, well that is a message to us from our Delilah
I am ok mama here is boo boo kitty.

We had Delilah ten years, not nearly long enough. As I said in my original post, I regret that I was not with her at the end to hold her and tell her how much we all loved her and not to be afraid. I will take that regret with me to my grave. I went to see her after surgery but was told she could not see anyone, why didn't I insist, I am too old to have people push me around I should have insisted, but I did not, instead I went home with my husband and got the call about her the very next morning at 2 AM.

Even as I write this I have a lump in my throat and I am crying, I cannot even speak about her without tears welling up, she affected our lives so much and it is still difficult to talk about her.

I hope this has helped you understand more about my "lovepuppy" and how great she was. I like to think of her and Trixie being together and looking after our families. Kind regards, Stella