Your Still The Best Delilah

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Your Still The Best Delilah
Thu, 11-09-2006 - 10:10am

My sweet angel, today it is eleven months since you are gone. I know your gone, we all do, but somehow I can't accept the finality of it. I know it happened, yet I am waiting to see your face come through the door.

I cannot think about you, or even speak your name without tears coming to my eyes.
Who would have thought that such a little furbaby could cause so many broken hearts.
I cannot say enough about how much we miss you and how precious you were.
Papa and sister miss you terribly and think about you every day too. Stay close to grampa so he can watch out for you. With love, hugs and kisses, your loving family.

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Fri, 11-10-2006 - 2:41pm
I know just how you feel....

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Wed, 11-15-2006 - 6:06pm

Keeping you, and your beloved little one, close to my heart... today, and always.

Happy 11th Month Wingday sweet ^Delilah^

With my heart,