Basset hounds

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Basset hounds
Fri, 01-25-2013 - 9:00pm

Kiss  I love bassets,  I have one and a beagle.  I enjoy their personalities habits, good and bad!  Tell me some funny stuff about your bassets everyone!!!  I only have one thing to complain about with my basset, she likes to eat her poop!!! eww yuck!

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Sun, 01-27-2013 - 9:15pm

Welcome!  Tell us about your basset and your beagle?  Names, ages, are they both girls?

My name is Gaye, and I help host this board with Donna, Laura and Terre.  I have pugs, two of them, and sometimes I foster for pug rescue.  I have a 10-year-old fawn female named Anya and a 8-9-year-old black male named Jabaar.  iVillage won't let me change my signature, which is out of date.  I lost Moe last October 1.  I also still have the Siamese cat.

I fostered a refugee from Hurricane Katrina, and ultimately adopted her.  She was elderly and blind, and I had her only 3 1/2 years.  She was a good girl, but she was the only dog I ever had that ate her own poop.  I tried everything to cure her.  All I could do was follow her around the back yard with a plastic bag in my hand and scoop it up before she could turn around.

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 9:12am

Hi and Welcome! I'm Terre and I own two Toy Fox Terriers - Jack and Taz. They are brother and sister from different litters. I got them from a TFT breeder. Jack is my poop eater, Taz not too much. I try to clean up the yard as best as I can but I have five acres so it's kind of hard LOL! I know Jack does it out of boredom. I used to sprinkle chili powder on the poop - eh, not sure it really helped. The only thing I can suggest is clean up your yard - if you can. We would love to see some pictures of your bassett and beagle.

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Mon, 01-28-2013 - 1:18pm

Welcome to the Board!!  I'm Laura and I'm the furmom to a 7YO lab/mix, Cleo.

When my SIL married her DH he owned a Bassett Hound, Coffee.  She was just adorable....and they would sometimes bring her over when they visited.  Years ago I wanted to purchase a bassett puppy....the breeder wouldn't sell one to me ecause she said that, since both DH and I worked, the puppy would be alone for too long....even though we had another dog and had a pet sitter.  I was a little upset at the time but understood that she just wanted what was best for her dogs and was a responsible breeder.

What your dog has is called Coprophagia....I had a shepher/collie ^Jebu^ that had the same habit.  At the time I didn't know too much about dogs and thought it was a habit he picked up because he was found on the street and apparently had to fend for himself for a while.

Here is an article that may be of some interest to you:

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Wed, 01-30-2013 - 9:28pm

Hi and Welcome to Popular Dog Breeds!  My name is Donna and I have a Greyhound named Dante.  What are the names of your Beagle and Basset?  I love both breeds - so cute and loving!  I have a friend who had a Basset named Pandora that she got from a Basset rescue.  Pandora was such a sweetie! 

Unfortunately eating poop isn't breed specific.  Sometimes dogs do and sometimes they don't!  It's icky no matter what!  LOL!