4/3/13....QOTW....Helping Pets Heal....

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4/3/13....QOTW....Helping Pets Heal....
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 1:11pm

Hi everyone...and I hope you're having a great week so far.  Spring was here on Monday but, apparently, decided not to stick around....LOL....  It's sunny but still cool....starting Sunday it's supposed to be seasonable....but I'm not getting my hopes up.

A couple of weeks ago Cleo came home from the Dog Park with a cut on her cheek.  It didn't look bad so I just washed it off and put some Neosporin on it.  A couple of days later it tooked "terrible"....not red and swollen but apparently she had been scratching at it and it was all bloody.  I cleaned it off again and put on more Neosporin.  I've een watching it and except for the missing fur, it seems to be healing.  But when I'm home I stop her from scratching at it...but I can't do that when DH or I are not home.  I would hate to put a cone on her; hopefully she'll just let it heal.

What have you done to keep your furkids from causing more damage if they've been injured?

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Wed, 04-03-2013 - 9:43pm

My guys are little, and if the boo boo is on their body, I put a tee shirt or a onesie on them to cover it.

I have tried to bandage and tape paws and legs with little success.  None of the tape sticks to fur.

I hate to cone a pug because their snouts are so short they can't drink water with the thing on. 

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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 9:56am
Quite, honestly Jack and Taz have never been injured to the extent I have to prevent them from further damage. I would guess that if they did get injured I would probably do what Gaye does...put a t-shirt on them or some sort of bandaging and watch them like a hawk LOL
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Mon, 04-08-2013 - 8:00am
Having Greyhounds with very thin skin, I have a big bag full of things like sports wrap, socks, hydrogen peroxide and clean bandages. Since most of the problems my dogs have had are around their feet and on their legs, it's been easy enough to bandage them up and they never chewed on their bandages. I've been lucky that way!
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Fri, 04-12-2013 - 5:36pm
http://www.wimp.com/pugbatman/ Gaye I think you will smile at this video. I do know you could use one even Roo Ben.