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Hello everyone...and Welcome to August!!  I can't believe the year is over half over....and Summer will soon be done.  Even though it stays really warm here through September I still hate the fact that the days are going to get shorter.

One of my trainers told me that he is thinking about getting a dog from an Aussie rescue.  He lives with his GF and they now have two small dogs.  He was asking my opinion on Aussies and I told him that, as long as he gives his dog a "job" to keep him happy, he shouldn't have a problem.  He was concerned about how the new dog would fit in with his two current dogs.  I told him that...you never know.  Dogs have personalities just like humans.  Some dogs love all dogs, some dogs love some dogs and some dogs don't care for other dogs at all.

Cleo fit in really well to our household; she became close to ^Samantha^ right away.  And she loves all the dogs at the park; some more than others.

What personality traits do your furkids have?

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Emmy really like other people or dogs but she will warm up to people sometimes. She's never aggressive just ignores everyone but me and Buzz. She likes Buzz for whatever reason. LOL!

Buzz doesn't like other dogs period but can ignore them unless they provoke him. He's good with people or at least he pretends to be - LOL! He really is a one-person dog like Emmy. And Buzz is never aggressive to people but he is towards dogs he doesn't like.
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Both Jack and Taz are very friendly dogs. They are sweet. They love people and strangers. Problem is Taz is so dominant and she doesn't like sharing Jack with other dogs LOL!  She'll try to bark other dogs away. At the kennel - it's a different story. She will share him then. They're not aggressive - just friendly, tail wagging and tongues hanging out LOL! When we brought Taz home, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure how Jack would react to her. He smelled and looked her over - and liked her! It was sweet. I shouldn't be surprised because when we got Jack and Taz from the breeder - the whole family was very friendly - the father, mother and siblings. Toy Fox Terriers are just friendly dogs!

Taz adores Jack and when he's not around she wants to make sure I'm around. She doesn't like being alone in a room so if I leave the room she comes looking for me. Jack on the other hand likes to nap alone - sometimes he'll join us in the room. They are very pleasant dogs to be around. 

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They really are a lot like people.  Jester loved everyone, people and dogs.  Lynnie was rather aloof and you had to win her trust. 

The two Weims are both very friendly to people.  I haven't seen too much interaction with other dogs, as I haven't had much opportunity to socialize them outside of the family.  They can't go to dog parks because my vet doesn't vaccinate old dogs (except rabies) and Petsmart encounters are quick. 

Comet wants to be the only dog but he is getting better about tolerating Allie since Jester's death.  I smack him every time he growls at her, and he seems to be getting the message that it's unacceptable.  Allie is so submissive that she will curl her lips at Comet in protest now and then, but it's hardly a threat!  They are very different, as were the greyhounds, so it's not a breed thing.


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Coffee is a pretty friendly little thing, she loves to trot up to strangers and just sit there looking up at them waiting to be petting on her head. I'm weary of that though because when she wants them to stop they don't always and she can snap. Other dogs.... she likes dogs that she can walk under,,, like bloodhounds are her favorite. She doesn't like quick little yappy dogs like yorkies or chihuauas...

my ds took her to a friend's horse farm last week and she liked the horses and followed them around and played in the field. (there were 10 horse : a big field though not a corral and there were also other dogs in there. She ignored all the dogs, just loved the horsed and the grass to roll around on her back in.

When she's awake she's follows one of us around, if i'm upstairs and dh is downstairs she'll lay down 1/2 way between us. Too cute! But she really just loves to be in the same room or on the same couch or outside on the same lounger.
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Moe likes everyone - canine or human.

Anya doesn't like other female dogs and is slow to warm up even to males.  She is kind to Roly, but she obviously likes Moe better.

I haven't had Roly out of the house much to test him.  Since he has snapped at small chuildren twice, I'm careful.