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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 9:33pm

"Marttinez" was an hour from euthanasia several weeks ago.  He was dirty, matted, and he had acid burns on his back - scabs and no hair.  A rescue person came into the shelter for him and for another terrier.  She took him, but the other one had been put into Adoptions.  EU List dogs are $50 to adopt; dogs in Adoptions are $100.  She didn;t have enough money for both, but the dog in Adoptions wasn't in immediate danger.  (Indeed, I adopted him out at the PetSmart event that weekend.)

The rescue lady and I have become Facebook friends.  She does mostly Schnauzers, and I send her links to the animals I find.

This evening she posted a picturte of "Martinez" - now "Patrick" in his new forever home:

 Patrick in his new home!!!!
Looks like we did good!!

Happy.  Lookin' good.  Hair growing back.

Pictures like this make it all worthwhile.