Happy 30th Anniversary Terre!

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Happy 30th Anniversary Terre!
Tue, 02-12-2013 - 8:03pm

Terre & her hubby are in Hawaii celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.  Lucky them!  I just wanted to wish them a wonderful time!  And what are you supposed to get for the 30th?  Are you up to Silver or Gold yet? 


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Wed, 02-13-2013 - 2:07pm

happy anniversary Terre on your 30th,  guess he's a keeper ;O)

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Thu, 02-14-2013 - 10:51pm

HAHA, her hubby is a classmate of mine, and I pretty much can assure you that he is not looking to kick her to the curb EVER.  I'm so glad they are having a good time!

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Mon, 02-18-2013 - 10:47am

Thank you everyone! We're home now, got home yesterday morning. It was a rough plane ride home, ugh - 12 hours on that plane but we had a trip of a lifetime! It was wonderful. I'm so glad to be home now though. Jack and Taz will be home later this afternoon! Can't wait to see them!!