I'm Still Here!!!

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I'm Still Here!!!
Fri, 08-09-2013 - 11:52am

I'm sorry that my co-CLs have decided to leave...and I do wish them all the best.  Of course I will miss them...but I will continue here as the sole CL and hope to continue to help those that want help in any way that I can.

I also hope that the boardies that have been so loyal will continue to join in our pet conversations.

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Fri, 08-09-2013 - 12:05pm

HI Laura,

I'm still here too. Thanks for all the great advice and support you have been giving to other members. It is very greatly appreciated!

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Fri, 08-09-2013 - 12:08pm

Hi Laura,

I'm a lurker on here, but wanted to say thanks for sticking around! :) I enjoy reading all the stories and advice. Having a big pup of my own, I can relate. 

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Fri, 08-09-2013 - 3:37pm

I don't post often but I do enjoy reading the boards. I really appreciate the volunteers who post here as most are so helpful. The allergy lady really knows her stuff as well as the cat and wildlife people.

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Fri, 08-09-2013 - 7:51pm
God bless you, Laura. I hate to leave you here alone. I remember crying with you as you walked out of New York City on 9/11/01. We have shared a lot over the years. You know my name, and can find me on Facebook. Please stay in touch.

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Sat, 08-10-2013 - 12:56pm

Laura - sorry I left but you know how to contact me and I WILL be back if my opinion, thoughts or advice calls for it. You know that - love you!! You are the best for staying ;-)

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Sun, 08-11-2013 - 4:51pm

Hi, Laura.  I know it's been a struggle with the boards.  I was a cl- for many years, way back when I was dustbunny48 and the Diary of V and Diary of He were popular boards.  After Visual Impairments was dropped, and the Hounds board was consolidated with the other dog boards, I felt like iVillage didn't really care much about us. 

I'll keep checking back regularly.  There is still a place for the Boards!  Hang in there! 


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Sat, 08-17-2013 - 12:12am

Hi Laura
Glad to hear you will be here still, I would miss the board and discussions if it shut down entirely.  I will stop by as I have been in the past few months to check in and say  "hi".....  I try hard to limit my online time greatly now, but will try hard to stop by.    TTYL Suzan