Melatonin supplement/Cushings??

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Melatonin supplement/Cushings??
Fri, 12-21-2012 - 5:27pm

Hi all,

Please forgive me that I only happen to come here when I have a problem. I have a beage that is about 13 years old. For the past few weeks her back legs have given out and she has fallen, mostly on the kitchen floor. I always pick her back up of course. It got really bad one day with her falling five times in a day so of course I called the vet. He said that it is old age related (nerves going bad) and nothing can be done. It is like an elderly person and what would be done for the elderly person is just to give them a walker or wheelchair-- that is what he related it to.

Anyhow, had them run a bunch of blood tests. She still is present for Cushings which in the past I stopped those strong meds she was on after awhile because she got really sick on them. He now says that this nerve degeneration can be part of Cushings too, etc. He suggested starting back on Cushings treatment. He sugested Melatonin that can just be bought over the counter. Has anyone had their dog give this a try? Did it help? I'm really reluctant to give her anything as she is doing ok without being on anything and don't want to have her get some side affect from it.

You might remember my last thing with her was her barking at 2am to be let out or whatever... we have let her be free in the house at night instead of kept in the crate. She no longer barks but still wakes up between 3am - 5am (can hear her nails on the kitchen floor) so of course I let her outside then so she doesn't pee in the house. Anyhow.. seems a bit better than being woken up at 2am each night by her barking.

Thank you to all who respond.

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Sat, 12-22-2012 - 12:33pm

Hi hon...please don't apologize for coming here when you have a problem...we are here to help with any type of problem if we can.

I lost my beloved dal ^Samantha^ last year....she was 16YO.  Towards the end she was often falling...her back legs would give out on her too.  The vet told me it was actually not her legs...but her back that was failing.

I'm so sorry you are going through this with your little girl.....I did find this link with some information on using melatonin:

I would imagine that using an OTC treatment would have less of a side effect than a prescription medication but I have never had experience with this type of disease.

I hope she's feeling better soon....Good Luck and please be sure to keep us updated.