Is this normal?

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Is this normal?
Mon, 09-05-2005 - 7:10pm

I have a mixed breed, Black Lab, Australian Shepherd dog. She likes to eat grass and leaves! I've never had a dog do that, although we had one we had to watch around rocks. Is this normal for dogs, is there a reason for it? Thanks for any help!

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Mon, 09-05-2005 - 7:34pm
Yes this is normal, many dogs eat grass and leaves and sticks
I'm not sure if there is an actual scientific reason except I always understood it to be because they are either lacking something in their diet or they have an upset stomach this could be wrong, again, I am not sure of the actual reason they do it, but it is normal, and it doesn't matter whether they are purebreds or mixed, I have a purebred that will do this from time to time.
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Mon, 09-05-2005 - 8:19pm

Hi Pat and *Welcome* to the Popular Dog Breeds board!

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Tue, 09-06-2005 - 9:48am

Hi Pat!! Everyone else has given responses and I'll just add that it's normal for my dogs to eat grass. In fact, they do when their tummies hurt, but I would say they like to have their daily fill of grass anyway. It's quite normal so don't worry ;)

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Tue, 09-06-2005 - 6:41pm
Hi, I used to have labs and I think they are really bad for grazing or at least this is what I called it.


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