One Step Forward; Two Steps Back

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One Step Forward; Two Steps Back
Tue, 07-16-2013 - 9:18pm

The fifteenth of the month is heartworm preventative pill day in this house.  I always give the pill, wrapped in American cheese, with a meal.  Because Roo Ben is 'way over the weight of most pugs in the rescue, they told me to give him two Iverhart (up to 25 pounds size).  I do what I'm told, for the most part, even if I don't completely agree, so that is what I did. I mean, the medical gatekeeper is either a vet tech or a nurse, and I have no medical training.   (My own dogs are on Trifexis, and their pill dose is for 20-40 pounds.  Anya is 19 pounds and a fraction, so I'm OK with that.)

The dog who eats checkbooks, newspapers, corrugated boxes, toilet paper, and dried poop, vomited three times last evening.  All he had to eat yesterday was his usual kibble and the heartworm meds.  You could just tell he felt very sick, and when he was finally emptied out, he just lay on the floor, trembling.  He was having difficulty getting up and standing up.  I carried him outside to go potty, but it was raining and he was feeling terrible, and he just stood there.  So I carried him to bed, and he flopped down and went to sleep.  I woke about 2:30 AM, turned on the light and put my hand down to pat him and check on him.  He roused and looked into my eyes, and I could see that he was not in any great distress.

I did tell the medical gatekeeper about the problem.  She told me to let her know in the morning how Roo Ben was doing, and that she would send me another brand of heartworm preventative for Roo.

This morning, I boiled him some short-grain rice for breakfast, and he ate it readily and it stayed down.  Tonight, I gave him 2/3 rice and 1/3 his usual kibble.  He was starving, pushed the bowl all around the kitchen, and would probably have tried to eat the bowl if I hadn't picked it up.  He ate at 5:15.  It is now 8:15, and Roo Ben's tummy seems fine.

Problem is -- the progress we have made since the acupuncture seems to have gone away since he got sick.  His gait is unsteady.  He needs help getting down off the patio and back up.  I have to MAKE him go outside.  He has had two accidents in the house.  He did cry for me when he had to poo, but by the time I picked him up to put him out the back door, he could no longer hold it, and he went on the door sill.

Roo gets his prednisolone pills Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, so I'm hoping once he gets his pill tomorrow morning I will see some improvement.