RooBen is on Vacation

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RooBen is on Vacation
Sat, 09-28-2013 - 8:31pm

I am in the middle of having cataract surgery and lens implants.  Left eye was done last Monday and the right eye is scheduled for this coming Monday.  I am not allowed to bend over and face the floor or lift over 25 pounds, so I had to place RooBen in another foster home for two weeks.  He is 28 pounds, special needs, and he sometimes has accidents.  I know he is well cared for, and there are four other senior pugs to keep him company, but gosh, I miss him.  His caretaker sent me a picture of him yesterday, and he looks happy enough.

 RooBen says he is having fun on vacation but he misses me.

I would love to adopt him, but I'm still figuring out how his continuing medical care could fit into my budget.  Particularly since so much of this cataract surgery is not paid by Medicare Advantage, and is coming out of my pocket.

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Mon, 09-30-2013 - 2:52pm

He certainly "does" look happy.....  It's good that you were able to get him into a good home for the time needed.  You need to be careful with your surgery and the recovery.

It's so unfortunately that necessary medical care is not covered.  As small business owners we're looking into new coverage; we might just be able to save some money over what we have now because of my age and the fact that we take almost no salary from the business.  But...our premium increased a lot and we can't transition over until January....

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Sun, 10-06-2013 - 11:01am

I'm so late on catching up here at IV.  Sorry
Roo looks wonderfully happy, Since he's a friendly guy those other pugs are a nice distraction for him. Hope your surgery goes well, or went well...  take it easy and give yourself time to heal. (())