Weekly Roll Call - 4/1/13

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Weekly Roll Call - 4/1/13
Mon, 04-01-2013 - 3:13pm

Good morning everyone and, for today at least, it looks as if Spring has arrived!!  I think tomorrow it's going to get cold again...but right now it's beautiful.  And, of course, I'm stuck inside...LOL...

Today is April Fool's Day...I remember that when I was living at home every April Fool's Day my mother would pull a prank on me and and my sister.  It was usually in the morning when I was half asleep and eating breakfast before heading out to work....so she got me every time.

Let's have your name, location, furkids' names and breeds and....did you do anything special for Easter?

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 8:53pm

Gaye here between Dallas and Fort Worth with my two pugs - Anya and Jabaar.

RooBen was surrendered back to the rescue on Friday at 11:30, at my house.  So I went through Easter weekend with four dogs and a cat in this 1400 suare-foot house.  All of them in the kitchen as I tried to prepare food.

I sing in the church choir, and I sang the Great Vigil service Saturday night and two services Easter morning.  About 5:30, daughter Amy, her gentleman friend, and her two boys came for Easter dinner.  We had ham, potato salad, asparagus, rolls and lemon meringue pie.  The only cooking I did was the potato salad (prepared the day before) and the asparagus, and I heated up the little ham.  The rolls and pie were purchased at Aldi. 

This morning, as soon as rush hour was over and school zone lights stopped flashing, I took Taurus and RooBen to the vet clinic in west Fort Worth.  RooBen's neurological issue will be evaluated and if he can, he will return to me when released.  Taurus will get medication for his tapeworm and go to another foster home.  I can't handle RooBen's special needs (especially since he is 29 pounds) and train Taurus at the same time without losing my mind.

I love RooBen.  My extended family is fond of him.  And I promised his heartbroken adopter that I would take care of him.

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Mon, 04-01-2013 - 9:09pm
Donna here with 3 y/o Greyhound, Dante. I don't remember any prank on April Fool's Day. I never pranked anyone. I love hearing about the good ones on TV! Easter was celebrated on Sat. instead of Sun. At my dad's house, he roasted a prime rib (which was way too raw/rare for me!), and my sister and I brought extras like green bean casserole, rolls, cake and eclairs. It was a delicious dinner for sure! And I'm forever grateful that my dad didn't make a ham - I hate ham!!! Oh and I brought Dante with me and he had a ball getting lots and lots of loving!!
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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 10:17am

Terre from Arkansas with Jack and Taz, Toy Fox Terriers.

Friday attended Good Friday mass with dh at his church.  Saturday -  rain rain rain and Sunday wasn't any different. Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church it was thundering and lightning and pouring down rain. Jack was freaking out!! They both hardly got  the chance to pee with the rain and at one point they refused to go out the back door since the back sidewalk floods when it rains. So I always open the garage door and they have a better chance of going to the bathroom. Anyway, at one point Jack was really freaking out and instead of retreating to the house he started walking down the driveway (looking back at me as if he was running away) and he went under dh's truck and would not come out! Then I WAS freaking out! I was still in my nightgown and only had flip flops and a hooded rain jacket LOL! Finally I got him to come in. Poor thing! And I was able to get to church on time. And Taz? She was waiting inside for her cookie LOL

Afterwards dh and I went into the city and ate at Macaroni Grill. We had a nice dinner...and dessert. I had gelato. Then came home and relaxed. Well, this is an Easter I won't forget. I think Jack is getting worse. I'm going to talk to the Vet about his fear of thunder and lightning. I would have given him a pill to chill out but had no time and I guess didn't act fast enough. I just  hate that  he gets like this.

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Tue, 04-02-2013 - 12:37pm

I'm Barbara, with 10yr old Comet the Weimaraner and 4 yr old Keeker the Kat.  It's still winter here in Michigan.  The sun is shining, but it's windy and 34 degrees.  Some hearty bulbs are starting to break ground, but it's a far cry from last year when it was 80 degrees in March! 

On Sunday I went with my new steady date to one of his friend's house for dinner.  I met his sister and a bunch of other people.  They had prime rib, ham, all kinds of side dishes and some outstanding desserts!  It was really nice to be included and meet new people, especially since I've been somewhat depressed about retiring.  Didn't expect that, but I'm sure it will pass quickly!



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