Floating shelf is starting to tilt, help!

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Floating shelf is starting to tilt, help!
Fri, 03-28-2014 - 12:32pm

Does anyone have an idea how to fix floating shelves that are tilting? It's in a spot that I can't be making more holes. It doesn't appear to be separating from the wall either, which is odd too. *grumble*

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Just a guess...if it's not pulling away from the wall, I suspect wieght on the shelf is causing the "angles" you used to float it with to bend down (you don't say which way it's tilting so I'm supposing a) you used metal angle irons and b) it's tilting away from the wall and down...). I'd replace the supports with heavier-duty ones if that is the case, and lighten the load you have on the shelf.

Otherwise, I'm at a loss...

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