Ragdoll vs. Birman - breed question

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Ragdoll vs. Birman - breed question
Mon, 02-02-2004 - 6:19pm
Hello all! I recently posted a breed-specific question on the "cats" board, and some of the members suggested I try this board for pure-bred kitty questions. I hope this is an appropriate area for my question... :)

Awhile ago, I had a Ragdoll whose "personality" I loved. Now that she's gone, I'd like to find a cat with a similar disposition - affectionate, "people loving", docile, somewhat lazy, etc. :)

My knee jerk reaction was to go for another ragdoll, but after reading up on breeds, it seems Birmans have many of the same personality traits I'm looking for, but don't tend to shed quite as much? I have to say, even with daily brushing, that was the one negative aspect of having a ragdoll -- cat hair everywhere and constant throwing up... ultimately something I'm willing to deal with again if necessary though.

So, does anyone have an oppinion on this? Should I go with the tried and true ragdoll, or give a birman a shot? Anyone have a Birman? Do they shed excessively like my Radgoll did?